Day 13 controlling your own emotions

hello good morning from Sacramento Cali

I am Jessica Ramirez age 25.

I am truly blessed too say this is the first time in 5 years I decided not too drink a drop of alcohol. So far it’s going amazingly great. I grew up around alcoholics and started drinking by the age of 20. It was all fun and games until One day I started blacking out and hurting those in my surroundings. Even my family was breaking apart until three months ago my mother decided too leave alcohol and so did my sister . I’m so proud of them. They kept me motivated and first off God did​:heart::pray:t2:
I lost 12 pounds sense my sobriety. All this time I wondered why I couldn’t lose the weight. It was all that sugar retained in alcohol. But guess what I’m proud too say. I’m HANGOVER FREE. A few times it almost caused my death- alcohol poison or dehydration. People I use too drink with didn’t care about my daughter and I. Men I met in my life wouldn’t take me serious. Maybe I was just that fun party girl :woman_shrugging:t2: Nevertheless this year is a challenge for new beginnings :star: God bless u guys.


Welcome Jessica Ramirez from Sacramento cali and congratulations on making the best decision of your life,there are lots of good informative and inspirational threads that you can search out using the search function at the top of the homepage. :slight_smile::blush::slight_smile:


That sounds amazing. How did you manage your first days?

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I started by blocking people who have heavy consumption of alcohol all the time. Started keeping myself busy by working two jobs plus being a single mom. Started making new friends who have healthier environment. Started making choices I never usually would do. And reminding myself I can lose it all over a small time of joy .

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