Day 15 no booze

15 days in and have had a straight up migraine for two days now, no patience, don’t want to be around people…had a wierd fever last night… dont know if this is still withdrawal or something else… any insight?

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Never had a fever myself while detoxing, but I sweath a lot!! Your body is still adjusting and it’s having a hard time. You can help it by drinking loads of water or herb tea. Also taking a vitamin B complex can help.
Congratulations with your 15 days sober! It’s going to be better day by day! Keep going, it’s worth the work! :heart:


Congratulations on 15 days! I’m on day 13 and I too see that my patience runs thin but I think that’s because I want to drink and take away whatever feelings I may have at that moment. I’m learning to occupy my mind on other positive things. Keep busy, read a book, go for a walk or talk to someone. Good luck to you!

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