Day 2 almost down, doing things a lil different

Day 2 down. I got up and cleaned the whole house. Throwing away nights of empty bottles and beer cans away. Wiping up all the sticky residues on all my counters and tables. I spent a lot of play time with my baby girl, she seems like she’s going to start walking any day now. I also downloaded the intherooms app and looked for some meetings on there. I’m a lil confused about how it works tho? Is it like an AA chat room? I planned out tomorrow, going to get up, make me and baby breakfast, workout, maybe go for a walk with the dogs, and definitely try out the AA app that I got because I’m going to make those meetings a priority even if I don’t feel like getting on some days. I’m feeling a lil better today and hopefully I’ll feel good tomorrow. Anyways just wanted to check in, that’s what I’m going to start working on too. Checking in everyday even if it’s just to read posts. Anyways have a good day everyone!


Good job on getting started, life is a lot better this way anyways. Sometimes it takes looking in the mirror and telling yourself to get your shit together. Glad you decided to get help you can do this :metal:

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Hey Drea and good job on spending your day productively, with your baby, with yourself. You sound hopeful and determined and that’s wonderful! :clap: It’s crucial to check in with yourself, try and gain awareness of your emotions. As they can be triggers for wanting to drink.

You might not. And that might make you want to drink. All emotions are part of the spectrum, we can deal with all of them sober, eventually. You’ll get there. Know that you’ll be ok. You’re good enough. You’re worthy of a good stable sober life with your baby and your dogs.

Check in here a lot too and enjoy your meetings! Build those sober routines cos there’ll be a time when you will need every single one of those tools in your toolbox.

Adding a personal favourite thread of mine, always picks me up! :smiley:

Mental health memes and discussion

Catch you later! :muscle::sun_with_face:


That’s the attitude, great to see your thread I feel the faith and determination in your words :pray:

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