Day 2 nearly done

Day 2 nearly done on way home from work , automatically went to shop stopped and thought wtf u doing was in auto pilot . Not going to lie took me a few minutes sat there to think ffs no go home. So day 2 still sober and feel proud know along way to go


I did something similar in the beginning…Everytime i went grocery shopping, I always ended up in the beer aisle first thing. One day I told that little voice in my head to “fuck off”, and I walked away. I got crazy looks…lol, it was the last time i went to the beer aisle.


Good choice, It can be hard but you did the right thing by choosing to stay sober today. :blush: Autopilot and old habits is tricky to change, but you can do this.


Lol, that’s funny! Are you banned from going to that store?! :sweat_smile:
I don’t even look at it when I come across it; I turn like I saw someone I don’t want to talk to, :rofl:


That’s what I do too :+1::sweat_smile:


Good for you. There are so many subconscious things we have to change when we decided to stop an addiction, things we don’t really realize we do until we try to not do them.

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Congratulations great call. Seperates the man from the boy.

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Congratulations on the first 2 days! You’re getting through the worst of it. Stay strong.

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