Day 2 of not smoking weed. -AV

Hello, I’ven smoking weed for about 1 year and a half, every day.
This is not my first try to quit it, I’ven trying 6 months, and today is my second day sober, but it feels a lot harder than yesterday. I had a bad mood with My girlfriend, I don’t like that. It feels like I don’t know how to be a good boyfriend with this mood.
I don’t have any cuestions, I just don’t have anywere else to talk about this. Thanks you for lisening.

English is my second lenguaje, sorry for the misspeling


Welcome @Villanew98A one hour at a time


Welcome. You can do this just for today!

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Welcome! I hope you stick around here and find some support. It may be easier with friends who understand. Be well.

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