Day 2 sober again

Ended up goinf to the hospital and admittinf im an alcholic and need help was a relief admittinf it in a way had so bad self harm thoughts so though that was the safest place to go.
But on day 2 and hoping it sticks!


Admitting you have a problem is a giant step in the right direction! The awesome news is you don’t have to “hope” for sobriety, it is something attainable by anyone who puts it first in their life and puts the work in. You can do this :slightly_smiling_face:


Please reach out here support as needed. You have made a great decision!

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I hope so too. For me, getting it to stick…i needed some glue. The glue I used…coming here daily, living on here and reading and participating. A program of recovery…


Thanks everyone! Hoping the anxious and constant worry subsides sooon its like a rolller coast over emotions but i got this :+1:t4: