Day 2 Sobriety

Day 2. I feel a little better. Headache. Its almost 8am and I dont know what to do with my day off work. I might get up and have a nice breakfast and do some exercise today. Had gotten alot of sleep last night and lots of weird dreams. Anyone else have weird dreams from WDs?


Ive been sober from thc quite a bit and still have bad dreams about it unfortunately.

The hardest for me was the 1st week
Day 2 is huge by the way and you should be very proud of yourself

Day 3 my energy came bsck but be careful with that because the energy could really amp you up.

Drink lots of cold cold ice water. Its helps me :slight_smile: maybe it can help you a bit

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Ive been using thc for about 12-13 years, Hasnt effected me the way meth does. I use thc to ease the cravings for more drugs. Probably not the best method for replacement and i probably should find other ways to cope. Meth is a totally different monster though

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I understand completely

Marijuana is a med for a lot of people and its a good med at that

Ive dabbled with hard drugs andnits a very dark world. Never got addicted to them because i rarley did them. Ive been fighting for sobriety sence 2016

I drank with people in places i am not priud of

I used hard drugs and hid it from people i cared about

Its just a really dark night when your drunk looking for spagettii to feed homless people hoping they have something for me

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