Day 2 ...well 42 hours and craving a drink

I have gotten to comfortable drinking everyday or near everyday for close to 5 years now. Whiskey is my drink of choice. I have tried a few times to stop drinking and last few days but give in. Im working on 42 hours and have headache and ready for a drink.


It will pass! Drinks tons of water!


Its par for the course. My body begged me to have a drink for several days. It shaked, trembled, gave me the hot cold sweats, I couldn’t eat but I felt like I was starving. It was way worse than the flu.

I started to feel a little better each day after day three.

Quitting isn’t easy or fun. Its worth it! Today I feel fantastic and every aspect of my life has improved tremendously! I recommend!


Power through if you can. It’s most definitely worth fighting for. Take a walk, a nap, binge watch something you love, phone a friend who understands the struggles. Hang out here for support. The fact that you shared this shows you want a change. It’s not easy but absolutely worth it. Keep moving forward. Sending positive vibes your way!!


I have found that day 3 it gets better! Keep going. You can do it! I’m on day two again right now.


Those sweats are no joke


Yeah, the first few days, weeks, are extremely difficult. Your body is physically craving it. You probably drink sometimes to feel better right? You are going to read lots of great advice in the comments, trust me it’s all good advice. But you have to take the advice in order for it to work.

If you read some advice and think “well, not that, hmm I can’t do that, ehh that’s not for me” etc. Think about why you actually think that, why you believe it won’t work for you. You definitely can do this! And my advice is listen to the advice, find support, meetings, counseling, rehab, a sponsor, but you can’t do this alone. I sure couldn’t do it alone and tried alone for years. The cycle of shame, feeling physically awful, isolating myself, drinking to feel normal… Never could I get sober alone. You obviously want to not drink or you wouldn’t be here.

You don’t get muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger from one day in the gym, you need routine and consistency. You start with today, right now. You can’t control a month from now, only this moment. So do it! It’s going to take a lot more work than just thinking about being sober. Ya know?


How are you doing now? I hope you made it past your craving, but if you didn’t, we are all still here for you. Please let me know how you are :purple_heart:
I got stuck on day 3 so many times!! Then I made it to day five and I couldn’t believe it! Days kept adding up and soon it got easier. There’s still little bumps in my road, but my life is sooooo much better being sober and each craving I beat, the easier it gets next time. Stay hydrated, keep busy, go for a walk, listen to music, have a healthy snack(or a not healthy snack :grin:) and learn you’re triggers. Keep reading and keep posting. It helps! I couldn’t have done this without everyone here​:purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

it’s hard and it’s going to get harder, your not weak or different your just another alcoholic who’s made the most important decision they’re ever going to make. The more it hurts the more it means your fighting it and winning. Nobody said it was going to be easy so suck it up, scream, cry, walk for miles, eat, drink lots of water or fizzy, talk, talk talk. Do not be alone in your own head bc your best ideas have always got you drunk.
We’ve all been where you are so don’t feel embarrassed or stupid.

You pick up that bottle today and you’ll never put it down again.
How much are you prepared to do to stay sober for the next 24 hours.

Craving got me but had a 5% wine cooler and stopped after just one

What did you do to stop yourself after one? I think I’ve only had one once in my life. It usually always ends up with 1…2…3…4…5 too much too fast.
There have been odd occasions where I have moderated, but even if it is for one night, it quickly snowballs out of control on the days that follow.
I have had to reset my clock a few times. My longest stretch was 65 days. I’m going to keep trying. I hope you do too♥️

I hope you can be honest to yourself. It can be hard and for me it was several times to hard to do it on my own. Depending on the intake it can be very dangerous as well. One doctor called me an idiot and jerk when I did it on my own. Don’t know were you are, but please contact your doctor he will guide you in the right direction (a detox center saved my life last time, although I even almost died there due to a seizure). Doing it outside your current environment might help as well.

Rooting for you

All the best :pray:

My 8 year old had bday party sleepover…was super stressful so thought maybe a wine cooler make the urge go away. It kind of did because it was too sugary a drink for me and didnt do a damn thing for me so one was enough but not worth it at all. Keeping on…today is a new day.

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Alcohol in my house is gone, bought groceries for the week at least so no unnecessary trips to store, swip card at gas pump so no need to go inside. Ive got the next couple days!!!

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