Day 3 and the cravings have begun

I want to eeeaaatttt. I had some ice cream earlier today (day 3 reward!) and I went grocery shopping and just wanted all the sugar. I got myself a 4 pack of bottles of dry sparkling lavender soda (there was an ibotta rebate) and bananas (ibotta) and nectarines, I hope these will curb that craving a bit. Also got some organic juice (also ibotta lol!). I just wanted peach rings. Maybe I will go on a walk to buy some later. Lol.


Ibotta is my jam! I need to go see what snacks I’ve got on mine right now. I just let myself eat, it passes and helps with keeping busy. Hang in there!

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At this point, do whatever it takes to stay sober. Your body wants the sugar because your body is detoxing all of the alcohol. Take this as a good sign that your body is cleaning itself out.

As you rack up the days, you have more energy and desire to cut out the sugar and start making healthier eating choices. But it sounds like you made some good sugar choices compared to what you could have gone for!

Be easy on yourself right now. You’re doing an incredible thing by not picking up the bottle.


Lavendar soda!?! Sounds yummy.

Night of day 4. Wishing so badly for a crisp beer. Just 1 or 2… this is insanity


A couple of my friends are sober and they have semi regular potluck and all sorts of nonalch fizzy waters, I intend to have a contribution for the next one!

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Stay strong! You’re over halfway to a week!

I made it. I’m home in my pj’s. I’m so glad I shared my urge. Just sharing it was enough to make me really think


Just tried it and it was sooooo yummy.