Day 3:battling the demons

I have no clue what I am doing but I am doing it.As of 3 days ago I was pushed from the nest and sent back into the world to due this sobriety thing on my own.My whole life i spent getting loaded and as a result only time i was somewhat sober was while incarcerated and even then i would crush up someones pills and sniff them.Never have I on any terms lived.Survived (yes)but actually functioned as a normal adult human being(never).
So jails,institutions,and near death experiences became my comfort zone.I know how to program enough to get granted a parole date or how to rely on my higher power when someone slipped the wrong stuff in my shot.However what I do not know is what am i going to do now that the rifle isnt to my back anymore.I technically have a little over 16months sober that has been divided up between jail,rehab,recovery bridged housing,and self pay sober living,but now that i no longer have to worry about peeing in a cup, a joint suspension hanging over my head,anything or anyone to stop me from getting loaded I am at a constant battle with myself.I am truly on my own and do not know what to do.All i know is where I came from I do not want to go back and that I feel like im starting all over again.


Got stuff I want to say but I’m now going out, reply later unless others say the same. Take care you are not alone

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Finding calm in calm, and not in chaos is definitely something being sober can help with.
Crack on with the job at hand.
Read around, get involved.
You can do this.


Am on day 3 of sobriety
Everydays a challenge
I’ll stay positive and hopefully get through tomorrow
1 step at a time my friend :heart::pray:

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