Day 3 check in to get in track

So last night I begin writing my journal and have set myself very small goals Ive also wrote a plan for the wkend as that is most definitely my biggest test !! I also begin to read my Alan Carr stop drinking book which i throughly enjoyed and get me relaxed ! Currently not using social media so on day 3 of that as that can also become an addiction and does make my anxiety 10 times worse, This is my only source of media and one that has helped me through fantastic advice from the members on here. Woke with sweats think thats the awful downside of alcohol getting out of my system! Heres to a good postive day


Keep that train chugging along those tracks!

I woke up with sweats, dealt with the restless twitchy legs and most all the detox symptoms and they did all go away.

Enjoy the book, heard nothing but good things, this is pretty much my only social media as well and it’s served me greatly for over 2 years.

See you on day 4!

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Taking a break from social media is a brilliant idea. To many people social media causes jealousy and sadness. People tend to only put happy things on social media making it seem their life is perfect. We get jealous and sad because we have/had a shit life.
And it is indeed addictive. I have never been very active on social media, but I have no doubt that if I make new social media accounts I’ll likely get addicted.
If you really fear you may get addicted, just remove your accounts.

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