Day 3 & feeling great

It’s been 3 whole days since I’ve used h & the withdraws are starting to slowly go away & im feeling great! I feel like this time is the time & im excited for it. I’ve come clean to everyone around me bc I know I’m not turning back. NO MORE SECRETS! I hope everyone else is feeling good on this sobering high as I am! Everyone have a good evening!


Congrats @DLOVE and welcome


Thank you! I know this is jus the beginning bc I’m feeling hopeful! Which is something I haven’t felt in over a year!

You’ve got this! Let us know if you need anything. Here’s some links to get you started…

@DLOVE that’s such awesome news! I’m ecstatic for you! Stay strong! You got a lot of supporters here cheering for you and in your corner!


Hi @DLOVE great & stay strong! I read in a previous post how much money you were spending per day (!) You can also use the phone app to track savings to date. It’s very motivational! Check it out.