Day 3, getting into a stride

Today is day 3 for me and I’ve started a light cleanse to help me stay on track, focus on health and start to heal my body. I made a batch of delicious homemade soup to enjoy over a few days, I’m adding lemon to my water and just making healthier decisions with the rest of my meal choices. I’m being easy on myself so I don’t stress myself out.

I realize feeling stressed and then feeling the need to unwind are the biggest triggers for me since I mostly drank at night, at home by myself after work. I’m a little worried what to do when I experience those feelings again.

So if anyone has any advice on what to do instead of drinking after getting stressed, I’d greatly appreciate it :blush:


Dont try to run away and escape stress …stress is a part of life…accept how you feel and work out what you can do about it or give yourself the permission to just not feel ok sometimes because that is ok too…ride out your emotions and allow let them come…if want to cry or scream then do so…why not? You can also distract with things you enjoy or indulge in things that bring comfort to you like hot baths or maybe music…whatever you like but the answer to stress is not to numb it or try to escape it.


Congrats on day 3! You’re doing great by working on a healthier lifestyle! It’s important to know what triggers your urge to drink, like stress. When you feel stressed, it’s good to have other ways to unwind.
What I have done to stay focused, reduce stress, and avoid triggers; I have found that reading books and journaling helps me sort out thoughts and emotions. Plus, getting back into exercise while jamming out to my favorite tunes is a fantastic combination. Hope this works for you too. You’ve got this! :muscle:t3:


Thank you so much! I’ll add those into my days :grin: I’m excited to exercise regularly again


In my early days I read a lot of sober literature, listened to sober podcasts, came here. Eventually this changed my unconscious mind and I no longer view alcohol as something I want. That was the moment things got easier for me. In the year before that it was one hell of a struggle.

Now I spend my time reinforcing my decision by doing tons of other stuff when I would have been drinking. Exercise is a big part of that. Before I fell down the addict rabbit hole I was a decent athlete and though I’m older now so will never get back to the level I was at… I can be a very athletic 40 something if I try. In fact if I try as hard at anything as I did at drinking I might be good at it :rofl:

So - early days a lot of reinforcing my decision through reading. Later days - enjoying the time and freedom sobriety gives me has become its own reward


I love that! Thank you so much! I will emerse myself in the literature, I think that will help me greatly as well :grin:

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Day 3 for me too, I’m glad you’re getting into a stride. I feel your same triggers and off for the next two days.

The stress of thinking what to do and being bored is clouding my mind. I’ve been watching podcasts for the last 5 hours to try and stay out of my own head.

I’m taking your advice for today and going to spend sometime in the kitchen.

Keep it up and thanks for sharing.


You’re so right, I will remind myself of this when I experience stress in the future. Thank you!


I hope you whip up something tasty! So glad we’re in this together :hugs:
I’m definitely grateful I found this app & community, it’s already very helpful.


Maybe try ameeting they are in the evening so its gives you some were to go meet like minded sober people who have been were you are ,meetings helped me stay sober wish you well