Day 3, when does it get easier?

I haven’t left my bed for 3 days… going to try to go to a meeting tonight but the thought of that gives me insane anxiety. When do you just to feel somewhat normal and comfortable again, cause everytime I leave my bed I get overwhelmed


Congratulations on your day 3. Those first few days really suck. I was soberly working a 2 day hangover when I quit. And by the 3rd day I started to feel much better. But I reckon everyone is different. I hope you can make your meeting tonight. Maybe that will help being around others that know what you’re going through. And getting out couldn’t hurt.

My first 7 days were the hardest…insomnia, anxiety, nausea. The good news, it DID GET EASIER, I promise. It depends on how much you drank and your body, but better days are ahead.
Maybe do a Zoom online meeting??? Then you don’t have to go anywhere when you feel so anxious.
Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

In the early days there were times I had to lay in bed and do nothing else but stay sober 5 minutes at a time. Eventually I got through that day and it sucked less the next day. A meeting is two or more people getting together for the purpose of recovery. So when going to a meeting freaked me out, I’d call someone in recovery. Sometimes being sober for me day to day isn’t about feeling better, it’s about not making things worse than they are.

100% true - nearly 11 months sober and I’ve never been so unhappy but that’s just life stuff and as soon as I pick up I know that shit hits a whole new level :+1:

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For me it got easier when the compulsion to drink left me, i was just so tired of everything that i had to suffer and endure so breaking the mental chains was when i really felt better about choosing to be sober. A meeting might be good for you, get out your comfort zone try something different?