Day 35, where I'm at

Nothing too crazy, just another day.

What I have been feeling the last week is only the occasional short urge to want to smoke.

As for both smoking and alcohol, I would say I’m in a “mourning” phase over the loss of my addictions, mainly alcohol.

Ultimately I hated where I got to in my addiction as I was chugging vodka. Didn’t like the taste or the burn, just did it.

What I miss right now are the tastes of craft beers. Especially Mexican beers with limes, wheat beers with lemons, or ales with oranges.

I used to enjoy them with good meals, or even cooked with them.

So that’s where I’m at. No urge to drink, but those thoughts are running in my head.


Congratulations!!! I just hit 3 days 7 minutes ago. Stay strong!


Belive in your choices guys !! I sometimes miss the fun of having a beer or 2 or drugs for that matters. I keep tell myself its ok to miss it. Im good With that . I live my life well without. Keep up the spirit and be the boss in your life .


I have, I was a cook in a fine dining establishment in a previous life. Lol

It’s the robust flavor of a beer that is unique for cooking.

Really though, in time, I could either buy a non alcoholic beer or just go buy a beer to cook with if needed.

I will just need to be patient and wait for a good amount of time to where I feel comfortable with it.