Day 4 complete feeling good

Feeling so much more confident back to the gym in work ! Its nearly the weekend which is my major binge downfall. Got plans meeting friend for breakfast taking children for a shopping day. Got my books to read. Going to step in nature on sunday and really enjoy my weekend.
Used to think the weekends could only be enjoyed if i was drinking as it would be a wasted weekend no the only thing that would be wasted is myself then the depression starts :upside_down_face: not letting it happen. Have a lovely day


So much of this is mindset, all those things youve just described sound alot more like living than wasting time drinking, its ingrained in us alot through the media to think you cant have fun without drinking…what a load of rubbish! Allen cars easy way to stop drinking is brilliant to dispell all those silly notions, have a great time, we are here if you need us


This! :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:
It really helps to stay busy when you know you have a difficult time like weekends.
Well done for the 4 days so far, may many follow!! :facepunch: