Day 4 Opiate free

Getting ready to finish day 4 and on to day 5! I’m so glad I’ve made it this far even if it’s not really that far. I watched a movie tonight with my kids without nodding off or my husband so sweetly saying “honey you worked your tired just go to bed its ok” and the guilt of knowing that it was drug induced. I was present. Slightly bored but present. Like the idea of rewiring my brain. A little anxious as the upcoming week is so busy but FOR RIGHT NOW IM GOOD. Thank you, thank you Lord.


Congratulations, and yeah 4 days dosen’t sound like a lot but it is a lot and it’s the hardest 4 day of your life, it was for me anyways . Keep up the good work. Keep moving forward and stay strong! :two_hearts::muscle:

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Congratulations on going on five days and welcome to the forum. Your story sent shivers down my spine because I was the exact same way. I abused pills for decades and was the same way with my family. Do you attend NA meetings? If not, I suggest hitting one if at all possible. Being surrounded by people suffering the same addiction as you really helps. It does get easier and we do recover. It’ll take a while for your digestive system to get back to normal, and as you are probably experiencing your sleep will suck for a while. Make sure you stay hydrated to help purge the toxins we put in out body. If you start having cravings, post here. Let us help you by letting us know how your feeling. Also by posting here it allows you to get things off of your chest. You may feel like you’re rambling, but trust me, you won’t be. NEVER CRAVE ALONE You don’t have to do this alone.


God bless you x x x x x your doing great and it does get better … X

Congratulations man !
Are you just quitting cold turkey, or ?