Day 5 check in to maintain control

Slight headache waking dont know if its the weather or all the poision getting out of my system from the weekend binge :thinking: !! Feeling so bloated hopefully the bloating will go down another reason for quitting the amount of weight put on through the poison & face goes sooo bloated !! Looking foward to hopefully shifting some weight along this journey !


Hey Rainbow, Iā€™m experiencing some of the same physical issues. Last week I had made it sober to day 6 and most of the headaches, bloating and general feeling bad diminished greatly. I had a 2 day slip this weekend, and now getting back on my T.s. clock and wagon. But I have a noticeable difference in physical side effects between having alcohol in my system or not. After 2 days sober I can feel the absence of alcohol in my system and I like it, I just need to learn to sustain it.

Stick with it !! You can do it