Day 5 complete

I’m off drink since 2am sunday morn. I never realized how much I depended on alcohol. It was only when I started to want it from the moment that I woke up l was knew I had to go off it mind you I never drank b4 1 PM nd I only drank alcopops. I didnt even care bout bff the alcohol just the taste… I could open a 275ml bottle take 2 swings and not drink the rest but it was the constant crave of it until I opened a bottle was beginning to worry me… but here I am 5 days later craving it like crazy .


Day 5 is hard. But keep fighting because it will get easier


Hi and welcome here! 🙋
It helps me to have absolutely no alcohol in my house, at least in the beginning of my sobriaty. Can you strip your house from it?

That is done… not a drop of alcohol in my home…


Thank you… I have bein coming on alot… it keeps my mind busy. Thinking of doing something later like movies or sommit. :thinking:

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Yea I found yest almost impossible. If I had anything in the house I’d av prob drank it…

Maybe try a meeting wish you well


That is definitely on the cards. Thank you