Day 5 recovery

Hi. I’m Alyssa and I’m an alcoholic. Today, I have been sober for 5 days. And I’m hating every minute of it. The first few days, I was in a pink cloud. Like, “Yeah! Let’s get sober!” Like it was a game to me. But now I’m feeling it. The anxiety. The itch to drink. I’ve been praying all day. I feel so weak. I had to work today, so I couldn’t go to a meeting. I’m in need of a meeting. I’m struggling here.

Hey, I’m Angela. I’ve been sober for 7 months now and I hear you. I’ve been there. Trust me, it gets easier. In the beginning many of us experience this natural high because we’re excited about starting over, being sober. Then real life starts coming at you with it’s typical people, places and drama but this time around you’re not numbing yourself. You’re facing things head on. I would get panic attacks in the beginning where I’d basically have to leave the room because I’d start shaking and crying. I felt so raw and I hated it but I’ve relapsed before and really didn’t want to keep doing that so I did certain things this time around like made sure I had a sponsor, if they weren’t around, I’d hit up a friend. I’m in a program too so I can also always call my counselor. Especially in the beginning, you really feel the time go by and if you can, just give yourself 5 minutes. Breathe, write, workout, watch a comedy, do anything you can possibly think of(besides go back to what you were doing of course) to distract yourself. I had to cut half my friends put of my life and quit my job since they were all triggers for me so of you need to do those things, do them. I hope this helps in some way. Best of luck :heart:


Learning to cope with real feelings is part of the process. Its healthy and shows progess dont let the mind play tricks on you. Thats were the disease lives. The only way your life gets better is through sobriety period. You have to walk through this. It gets way easier. When your brain talks dont believe it. It isnt the real you. The real you lives in your soul and knows the true path. Stay in the moment do something creative so that you can be in the now. Write a gratitude list. Pat yourself on the back your doing so good. When was the last time you didnt drink for 5 days.

Remember why you got sober and tell that part of yoyr braim that says your a loser to shut the heck up. Its lying to you anyways to get you to drink. Like I always say Alcoholism is a parasite of tge mind that thrives off misery to gain control. Dont let it. Smile and know you are finally on the true path to happiness.

Drinking is the easy way out.


So well said. Thnx

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