Day 6 and already finding my sober groove


Comming to day 6. And I am starting to catch a sobering pattern for my life. I write this to log it, but also to perhaps give someone out there some ideas, just incase their sitting around filled with anxiety like I normaly am, but not tonight. Tonight I ended it right. And I am going to be falling asleep, happily sober. We can all do this. We are all capable of a sober happy life.
Took the kids to the pool with my huby (something I normaly dont have time for as we are eager to start drinking while making dinner) then ended my day with a good sweat session at the gym, nutritious dinner, tones of water, a long warm bath, did my skin care routine (normaly as i drinker I would pass out never giving a crap about my face) took my sleep medication, threw on some soft jammies and now just laying on the couch thanking myself for another perfectly sober day. Feeling great and loving how clean my house is and how much self love and care im able to do for myself in a night. I love this life. I love bieng sober. This is happy.


I’m really happy for you. One of my new favourite things is a skin care routine! My skin has improved so much by not sleeping in makeup, regularly using gentle cleansing products and drinking more water. I even treated myself to some of those gold eye masks! :relaxed:


Ooohh thats something I have yet to try!! Those masks look very fun to try! I totally feel you on that, I always fell asleep with makeup on :joy::joy: a while ago I read how bad that was and it actually ages are skin to do that!! and to not wash our face on a daily basis combined with consuming alcohol!! Omg what were we doing?? :persevere:. Definitely a huge ego boost lately when the skin starts looking better after not drinking alcohol !!and helps us stay committed I’m sure​:two_hearts::pray::clap:


It sure does. I’ve never stuck to anything before and a regular self care routine was out of the question.

Oh you must try those gold eye masks! Next time I do it I’ll put a selfie on the sober selfies thread :eye::eye::laughing:


Omg I can’t agree enough. This is HUGE for me in recovery. I love taking care of my skin and doing self care. Makes me feel so clean and fresh and happy!


Yes! It’s the simple things. Baby steps. And so much fun! Xx


It’s so nice to now have the time to do stuff for yourself like this. For me, I feel that it not only makes me feel great – but in turn it makes me a better friend, partner, family member, etc. So much of that gets pushed to the wayside for the sake of some drinks.

A cozy cup of tea w/ a book, lying on the floor with my dogs to hang out with them “on their level” (I read somewhere that they like it), a nice quiet walk while the sun is setting…it’s all just such a feeling of real, actual happiness and contentness.

Glad to hear you’re already reaping the benefits. It only gets better!