Day 6 new comer

Hi, new on here and finding it really helpful, I have been sober from June 2018 to April 2019 and felt great, During that sober time I joined a gym, started running, did parkrun every Saturday morning, and felt fantastic. But fell of the wagon after bereavement of losing my mum in law in April this year, amongst other obstacles in life, turned back to the booze and did try to control it but it controlled me, all that hard work just gone. I have felt so low and depressed that I self harmed last week, don’t worry I am okay, this was a big eye opener for me, only my husband knows I self harmed, don’t want family or anyone else knowing, because I feel ashamed and embarrassed. But also don’t want a fuss and the third degree. I’ve been sober before and determined to fight it again. I on day 6 now, felt great this morning, had a better nights sleep. I’ve had lots of rest, drinking plenty of water, and doing a lot of reading again about sobriety, and doing normal chores when and when I want to. I joined an app about counselling on line which is helping which was recommended by my GP. And also on here is helping reading other people’s stories. One day at a time we can do this. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. X


Hi and welcome here 🙋
Sounds like you are making a good solid path to recouvery. That’s half the work! :facepunch:
Congratulations with your 6 days sober. You got this :facepunch:
I was sober for 5 years before and thought I was “cured”. So I know where you are.
But quitting again after more then a year drinking was easier this time because I knew what to do.
Now more then 1 year sober again.
I hope to see you around often, it helps to be here much.

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I too am brand new here. I am clean 21 days. I have been seeking online support since I began this journey due to being in a more rural area. I was so happy to have found this community to become a part of. I look forward to following your success and journey. Keep up the good work!!! Celebrate recovery each and everyday!!!


Great to have you here. Going through something really similar to you. I’m on day 14 and this site has been a huge source of help and support for me. Hope it offers you the same. Looking forward to hearing more from you, glad you are here.

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Thank you everyone for the warm welcome and support x