Day 7 where are you 😣

I have always made it to day 5 then rewarded myself with a drink, so day 7 will be a great success for me. That’s when being sober gets real lol.


You’ll be there before you know it.

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Congrats! And I am on day 10! Instead of rewarding yourself with drinks try out buying or doing something nice for yourself everytime you hit a mile stone!:slight_smile:


I’m still on Kapax and enjoying other alternative universes. Just kidding. All is well with me. Sobriety has become a way of life to be enjoyed to the fullest. I hope that you will join me in your journey. :ireland:


Well hell yes thats why I’m here! Lol😊

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You got this!! Just remember all the rubbish that comes from drinking, all the hurt that happens not only to others but also yourself. And also how happy you’ve been these last few days, how waking up not hungover, foggy, yellowed eyed.

You can hit day 7 and many more after.

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Thank you.

Thank you :slight_smile:

As soon as I lose 5 more pounds I definitely will!

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Being sober gets real the moment you decide it’s time to change for real. Your sobriety is real. And it should be real for the time. First few weeks are TOO HIGH on anxiety and thoughts that ought to slip you. Trust me they come in all shapes and forms. You’ve to identify, and work on them.
Oh by the way.
How did you reward yourself for 5th sober day? I mean how is that supposed to work?

Sobriety is for you, Made by yourself.
Be strong. For there will be a time you’ll thank yourself for struggling right now.

Best wishes from this community.

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Thank you so much for the insight and kind words. Should we celebrate day 5? I treated myself to a mocha latte with sweetener? Lol.

Oh non alcohoic drinks okay. I was under the impression of - “its okay to drink alcohol every 5th day”. And this absolutely won’t work lol.

Sure - celebrate your milestones, but never with something you are abstaining from in the first place.

Best wishes & prayers.