Day 8 and trying to summon strength to get out of my house

I need to start getting out and doing some fun, sober activities. I’m still going through the motions, but I at least don’t have any desire to drink.

I work as a substitute teacher and I’m getting my master’s in school psychology. School it out and my summer term doesn’t start until Thursday night. I’ve been home for 2 weeks and haven’t gotten out too much. I’ve just been sad and lamenting over my past and I realize how bad that is. I just can’t help it at the moment.

Thankfully I have these two to get me through the bad days.


Don’t rush Bryn. Take your time. Maybe start doing a small work out, if those 2 will let you!

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Congrats on day 8! I did nothing other than go to work and lounge on my sofa for the first six months of my sobriety— well, that and watch tons of bad tv and eat buckets of sugar. Just take it easy on yourself and take a breather for a minute. Your friends there look like my favorite kind of company and they will also get you out into the fresh air. At six months sober I got a Fitbit and started walking EVERYWHERE. Lost lots of weight, learned to appreciate my city in a new and intimate way and got out of my apartment and my head.

It is about going through the motions at first. That’s fine. You’re doing it perfectly. Give yourself some time to rest and recover. You’ll be ready to move forward soon enough.


take your pups for long walks and breathe in that fresh, summer air. remind yourself how lucky you are to have found sobriety :slight_smile: congrats on day 8!

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Taking the dogs for a walk is exactly what you might need. Also, taking a warm bath in some epsom salts might also be good.

Remember, sobriety is a marathon, not a sprint, so take the time you need along the way. No need to feel you should be doing xyz now…do what feels right for your journey.



Unfortunately where I live it’s really hot and has poor air quality. If I take them, it can be in the early morning. Sometimes when it’s too hot, I’ll take them to the pet store and walk around inside and then buy them a toy and some treats. That always makes me(and them) happy.

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i totally understand - i live in los angeles. my pup doesn’t care about air quality. he kicks me out the door for walks whether i want to or not!

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@Bryn sorry for the late post. Don’t get discouraged. A lot of things are going to change since you stopped drinking. It can feel really strange that early on. But don’t give up. Just embrace the changes and the emotions, because it will become better. Last summer I remember feeling just like how you felt. I literally just went to work, came home and stayed inside that entire summer. Keep your head up! You will get passed this.

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Thank you. I know it’s going to be tougher now, but will get better with time. It’s weird to be optimistic and discouraged all at the same time.

I think that sums up my early recovery days very well Bryn! :confounded:
Discouraged yet optimistic

Each new sober day brought more on the encouragement side tho, stay strong and keep looking forward! :hugs:

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I’m really putting forth the effort to! I’ve got 10 days and 9 hours under my belt so far and that alone feels great and inspires me to keep pushing forward.