Day 8 of soberness and still having bad dreams and high anxiety

Been up since 4 30am cant sleep had another shitty fuckimg dream. I didn’t take any Melatonin last night so I can rule that out I think you guys are right I think it’s my subconscious f****** with me well the good thing is am still sober so f*** you demons I just can’t wait to get all these symptoms out start being normal which I still don’t know the definition normal but if I’m sober that’s a plus everybody have a good day stay strong hour at a time and if anybody ever wants to talk message me and we can give each other some encouragement and support I’m always here I need new friends anyway


You’re gonna have to Covid19 it, and find your “new normal”
Hope you have a good day


Hi @Nez1er I’m on day 8 too and certainly don’t have any answers but am here to talk and listen. Have you tried a meditation app before bed? Maybe something you can listen to like the Calm app to clear your mind before bed?

Up since 4:30am :grimacing: wow see if you can get a power nap some 30 minutes or 45 minutes of shut eye somewhere if you can sorry to hear your having not so pleasent dreams i remember them to when i was starting out in my journey they will subside 8 days in thats incredible keep strong and keep up the fight there is light at the end of the tunnel right now your facing all demons they are going to come at you with everything i like your attitude keep at it take it day by day .:pray:

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I can’t wait

Do you have any recommendations

I’ve used Smiling Mind before, but more for positive affirmations, but I’ve heard the app Calm is good to use before bedtime.

Unfortunately, I don’t have sage advice as I’m in the opposite. I never slept well when I drank, especially with red wine. But now I have a hard time staying awake. Plus I’m on an anti-anxiety medication prescribed to me a few days before I decided to get sober. Now on high blood pressure medication as well as of yesterday cause the alcohol did a number on me.

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Hey man you have my number dont be afraid to reach out,

Melatonin didn’t work for me, it made me anxious as hell when I would wake up, I’m sure others have remedies that help as well.

I know a few others have said breathing exercises as well, but man you made it this far

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Too much Melatonin can cause issues. New recomendations are only .1 to .4 mg. try severly reducing the dose IF and Only IF you are still wanting to try the route. I am not a licensed to give medical advice, I just know of the new recomendations. Otherwise the Drink Calm with magnesium over time is also supposed to help. Good luck to you! @Nez1er

This may explain alot, I was taking a small truck load of it. Mixed with anti histamines and PM meds. Add alcohol to wash it down.

Hi @Nez1er. I’m sorry to hear your sleep has been disrupted and you’re going through this very difficult stage in recovery.
The insomnia that came with getting sober was definitely one of the biggest challenges for me. It does improve, I promise. The tough thing about it is that there isn’t a concrete timeline, it’s different for everyone. But if you’re comitted to it, you can see improvements in the first couple of weeks. Really. Healthy sleep is incredibly important for a variety of health reasons. And lack of sleep is nothing to mess around with, it can cause some serious problems.
Some of the other members already suggested meditation apps which is a great idea. I use the Calm app daily and it has been a HUGE part of my recovery. For meditation, yoga, and sleep.
Exercise is another big part of my recovery. It helped a lot in the beginning to address the insomnia.
Whatever you decide to do, make sure it works for you. Set reasonable, attainable goals for yourself. And start working on them while being patient and compassionate with yourself.
And on the subject of “normal”…hell I don’t know. Life is what it is.

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@Fury…yeah too much acts against you and makes it go haywire…last thing you need when trying to sleep!


I drink a night time tea with valerian root in it. You can buy from health store as a capsule also. Natural remedy for sleep. I listen to a yoga nidra for sleep on insight timer… Really has been helping me

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