Day 9 and earning every minute

Today is rough. Day 9. Irritability is making it so hard to parent. Depression makes me want to sit down and cry all day, but again, have to parent. My child is one of my main motivations for quitting. I want a better life for her and I know this is a part of it. Just seeking some support


Welcome and congratulations on day 9!! I am a mother too and im not only doing this for myself but for my son also. If it wasnt for him, i probably wouldnt accomplish what i do each day. Hes my motivation. Just like it sounds like ur daughter is for u. There is so much support here :slight_smile:

Congrats on day 9
I’ve got a son and a daughter. Some days after relapse I easily get irritated, but when I’m clean for long, the love and peace that comes with it is amazing.

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