Day 9 without wine :)

Hi all:

I’m new here and wanted to say hello. My vice has been white wine, which initially was a casual way to unwind at the end of the day and ended up flowing a little too easily. While I’ve “taken a break” from wine for a month or two occasionally in the past, it finally registered how silly it is to consider sobriety “a break.” I know firsthand how much better I feel when I skip the wine, so why treat myself to sobriety only temporarily?

So, here I am with a different mindset than before, having had a great night’s sleep, and excited to enjoy a strawberry seltzer and a clear head. I know the next time I fly, it will take focus not to order a glass thinking it will calm my nerves, but that’s not a concern for today. Today my goal is to commit to memory how good I feel from head to toe and to attribute that to what I put (and don’t put) in my body.

Cheers to everyone on their journeys (hurdles and all), and thanks for being a part of a community that I hope will provide encouragement, support, empathy, and laughs when needed.


Welcome @grit_and_grace, sounds like you’ve caught things just in time :blush: your absolutely right, sobriety is a treat so why save it for one or two months of the year when you can have it everyday?!
You’ll find lots of lovely people here and loads to read to give you ideas, support and company on your sober journey :slightly_smiling_face:


Chardonnay was my vice too! 36 days sober and counting. Life is so much better and I too am apprehensive about my upcoming trip.


Wine. It’s the only booze I enjoyed drinking. I’d have beer, and occasionally bourbon, vodka in a pinch, but red wine was my go to. Never met a red I found “undrinkable”, and this would have killed me. Of this I have no doubt.

Just shy of 650 days of freedom. I’ll never put those chains back on.


Been there to, wine was my to go to as wel.
Today 363 days sober, allmost 1 year.
My life is getting better and better.
Sober living is a great gift to the both of us :heart:
Welcome here, we are here when you need us. Don’t hesitate to ask!