Day dot again

I will be checking in daily now. I went off track and had to reset my counter.
One day at a time. I will not drink today.


Welcome back! Checking in daily has helped me tremendously just to hold myself accountable. I think thats a great idea for urself too


100% agree with you. I have to take full responsibility. I have some real soul searching to be doing at this moment.
I hope you are well


Welcome back, Dan!


The only thing that matters, in my eyes, is you know what needs to be done to keep the streak alive. That is 50% of the battle right there. You know you have it in you.

If I may, what was the “trigger” that got you to grab the bottle?

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I had an issue at work and walked out. And then in turn lost my job. My head just went and the only way in my mind to switch off was to have a drink. Obviously it wasn’t the right thing to do


Welcome back and nothing wrong with starting over bc millions never got the chance to start over. Keep coming back and don’t leave before the miracle happens.


Dan, I’m sorry for the upset at your job that led you to drink. I recently was experiencing super lows, and I wanted to stop the feelings. For a brief second I imagined, do I wanna drink, do I want to drug, do I want a pill, do I want to eat, etc? My answer was no, I didn’t want any of that, I just wanted the feelings to stop. So I talked myself into a better mood. I got an ice cold glass of homemade tea and tried to relax. I used my mind and not a vice. It took awhile, but I did feel better.