Day number three


So today is my third day sober and I dont entirely want to just break down and drink but I’m feeling pretty sick and I know if I drink the feeling will go away. I’m staying strong but I don’t feel very strong. I’m feeling weak, and particularly alone right now. I feel like I cant talk to anyone in my life. And I’m afraid of falling back…


Well we are all here so you aren’t alone. The sick feeling will go away. Your body is getting itself cleaned out.


One day here and i feel so weak and terrible. I have problems with drinking, xanax usage, and i am a 100% stoner. Ive tried quitting several times but this is my first time using this app/reaching out to community. About 2 weeks straight of dayfading and falling behind in uni classes have opened my eyes to the reality of my situation - that the comfort and company using gives me is fake as shit. I can vaguely remember sober life and the people i dissapointed in the end, and that was better than the bottle and bowl that i seemingly only have now. Best of luck to your recovery ventures, you arent alone!


Hang in there! It’s worth it! It’s getting better day by day! It’s hard I know, but you can do it! This will pass. Tomorrow you will be glad you did!


The first few weeks are really terrible your body hurts, your emotions are running around like wild horses and you feel completely worn out and alone…and the people you’ve always turned to for advice dont seem to understand what you are going thru…I was sober for 118 days and then relapsed what a stupid choice but here I am again 35 days but this time around was alot harder the withdrawal really hit me hard and I really felt sick for 3 weeks , the bad stuff will go away and you will feel better…just keep your eyes on your goal and keep fighting its worth it…and we are all here for you when you feel alone


I remember how that feels @Kaityrose, it will pass in a few more days so hang in there. The first week and in particular the first 5 days were tough for me, I thought it would never pass but it does. You are doing great to get to this point so keep pushing through.

After about a week your body starts feeling better and your mind follows soon after but start making proper sobriety plans as soon as you can.

Make lists of reasons why you want to be sober etc, keep checking in here and if you are open to the idea perhaps try a support group. AA really helped me in the first few weeks, I went feeling terrible to meetings, but always left feeling a bit better afterwards.


Hello I’m on day 3 too! Lastnight was my first good sleep in ages! Today I feel refreshed and great! It’s so worth it as everything leaves your body hang in there!


Good choice in staying sober. You’ll feel better soon. Be proud of yourself and just take on step after another. One day at a time. It’s hard but it’s so worth it. You’ll make it!


You are not alone. I wish you all the best! I suggest to do things that keeps your mind off drinking. Do something nice and try to relax.