Day one after a relapse

I’m totally helpless. I drank after three months being sober. I have been struggling for the last decade and still get get back on the right track. I attend a theraphy, write and read a lot. Still nothing seems to work :confused: I’m here to See/feel that I’m not alone. Greeting everyone.


Don’t beat yourself up, many of us slip. What’s important is getting back in the saddle. Giddy Up! :wink:

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Congrats on your 3 months sobriety - I’d encourage you to look at where you think you went wrong and what caused the slip up this time. As they say, “fall forward” then get up and keep moving. The one thing you are not is “helpless.” Admitting we are powerless over our addiction is one thing, but it doesn’t equate to being helpless. You have a choice, and it takes a deliberate action to put that drink to your mouth. Seeing and feeling that you are part of a group in this space will bring comfort, but only you can make the decision not to drink. There’s lots of great information and advice on this forum, I encourage you to read and contribute as much as you can - it truly helps. Check out meetings if you haven’t already and reach out for some recommendations based on your individual situation. Today is a new day, I wish you well.


Thank you for your support. The first days after a relapse I’m an emotional mess and I always think of myself the worst and I think there’s no hope for me. I’m going to read a lot on this forum. Thanks again :slightly_smiling_face:

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Normal self loathing - take your distaste for the relapse though and try and focus it into positive action - beating yourself up doesn’t help unless you are also building yourself up.

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Welcome!! There is so much information to read here, so much to help you build up your sober self…dig in!

Three months sober is a lot and you should be proud of that time. For me, getting and staying sober took a lot of relapses and time…it was truly a process I had to work thru. In hindsight I see all those years of trying to get sober as building blocks in my sober toolbox…I learned from them, I kept adding to my sober knowledge and I built uo my sober muscles. Just don’t stop trying…get back on the sober wagon and remember why you started. Know that you are building your knowledge base and strengthening your sober muscles.

Recovery isn’t usually a straight line. The key is to never stop working on your self.



Those 3 months aren’t waisted, you learned some valuable lessons during sobriety as well as duting and after relapse.

Congratulations on coming back, you know, a lot of people don’t; I didn’t after my relapse, took.5 months to comeback and admit it. That’s a real testament to your resolve.

Get back up, dust yourself off, and figure out a new plan. Every relapse or slip up is a sign that says you need to add something to your program. Keep at it, you’ll get there.

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Other than therapy what else have you tried? They have addiction counselors who specialize in recovery.

That is still somthing to be proud of. Pick yourself up dust yourself off and carry on. Stay strong! We all know and understand how you feel.

Maybe a meeting might help wish you well

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I literally tried for 17 years to “fix” myself. All I had to do was walk through the doors of AA with the sole purpose of wanting to stop drinking, whether I believed I was an alcoholic or not.

Want to stop drinking. Attend AA. Want to stop drinking and attain a happy, healthy, positive sobriety? Stay in AA


Welcome! This place if full of people very knowledgeable and very helpful! I like the thought of turning it into something positive…

What are you going to do differently this time?

What am I going to do differently? Remember HALT, and stick to people. The truth is that I’m lonely. No friends, mainly because of isolation caused by addiction, divorced, with a ten year old daughter. My life is just work and chores. Maybe I should attend meetings more often. And I want to stay here, on this forum, so that I have contact with people who are going through the same thing.


Never had 3 months, but do know the terrible feeling of relapse. As others have said, learn from what happened, know your capable of 3 months and more and put one foot in front of the other. I’m on the same journey. Good luck my friend

I’ve relapsed after about 4 months. Decided I was okay, new city new me, not. Since then I’ve struggled off and on but made progress. I had a lot wrong with me, know it or not.

Today I still feel pain in my neck and muscles, I have no appetite, but I’m trying to do my best to recover soon, so I drink fresh juices, eat soft-boiled eggs and go for walks. Today will be better than yesterday, tomorrow better than today and so on :slightly_smiling_face: The problem is also with lots of thoughts about daily business I should make up after a week of shutting myself at home with bottles. I try to calm them down by turning to God in words ‘I trust You. I’ m too weak to depend on myself. You will put me back on the right track. Please keep my hand. ’