Day one again:/

Sober for a whole day again. I’m starting to worry that I don’t know Who I am without cocaine. But trying to keep posting and stay activate to avoid getting too discouraged


I didn’t know who I was, without the booze or whatever I was using I learned who I am,


Glad your still here and haven’t given up. Try for 2 days this time. You can do that. I’m positive you don’t know the real you anymore. None of us did or it would have been easy to quit our addiction. I bet you’d love the real you. Don’t give up!!! Just try again and we’re all behind ya


Those are normal feelings, I reset 13 times before this time and I’m coming on day 14 in the morning, the further away the better you feel, once you get over the hump, day 5 I convince myself it’s okay to get high, I finally got over that part and I’m moving forward now, you can too, it’s better than feeling consumed


Its ok to not know who you are. Self discovery is maybe my most cherished thing in sobriety.


I didn’t know who I was while ever I was drinking and the thought of discovering that scared the hell outta me! But once the fog started to clear and my sober days started to add up, I discovered that it was actually fun to discover this! I slowly started to put boundaries in place and reinforce the me I was and am becoming and with each day I got stronger and stronger and it’s amazing! I know it’s scary at first but I promise you, you will love discovering parts of yourself that you forgot were there. You can do this! Flush the drugs and start as you mean to go on. :pray:t2::two_hearts:


it’s a blank canvas without it, you can be who and whatever you want to be but while we keep using we’ll never know our true potential. If you haven’t done any CA meetings yet it might be worth having a listen to other people who have found a way to stop.


One of the best things anyone ever told me was to talk to myself like I was talking to my best friend. If my best friend said to me, “I’m having a problem, I need to stop and I need help” I would be so supportive, I would be in their corner 100%. So when you look in the mirror tell yourself what you would tell someone you love. Be kind to yourself :purple_heart:


Wonderfully said! Thank you for this comment! Much needed!:100::pray:t5:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I live in a really small town and have tried looking online for some. I wish I had someone to ask where these things are

Thank you! <3

That’s UK time, once your there ask for more information on meetings and support :+1:

Wow awesome! Thank you

I do worry that I won’t be welcomed to any type of meeting because I’m “California sober” tho

I’ve literally been in US meetings all afternoon today mostly bc I was bored and just wanted to talk to any human being. It is awkward at first but at some point we have to help ourselves and the best way to do that is actually Ask For Help.
Every other clean or sober person wants you to have what they have and they want to show you how to have it. I’ve not been in that meeting for months so I hope it still exists but if it helps you I am free that time tommorow so we could hop in together and I can break the ice for you. If we find it no longer exists my sponsor will have other codes so we can shop around for one you feel comfortable in.


Sorry excise my naivety but what does “California sober” mean?

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I was about to ask the same thing

I think it means still smoking weed. :herb::smile:

Wow thank you, that’s incredibly kind of you

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