Day one again

I’m starting to worry that I can’t do this

I was called a lowlife last night, because I drink too much, by the same person who brought alcohol into the house today. I have doubts.

Please ignore him and remove him from your life. I can’t count how many people have said i have had a problem and then handed me a drink. He clearly has his own problems, don’t let him write yours too. I know it is easier to say than to believe. But take it a few seconds at a time. I don’t think any of us are low lifes.

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I can’t tell you how many times I believed I couldn’t do it either. There were so many times I woke up disappointed… there were so many times I broke promises to myself… so many times I felt ashamed and weak… one day I just had enough and I did everything I could to stay sober. I used this app and AA meeting for support. I am now 35 days sober. You can do it and I know that because I did it… I am doing it. Believe in yourself!!

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