Day One againn

Trying to be sober again.
Day 1.

Please support…


Hi there,
I am going through the same thing as of right now
7days seems to be my struggling point :frowning:
We are here for you and we can do this!
Don’t give up and focus on one step at a time, minute to minute
I’m making a 1 month goal for myself hoping I can push through that 1 week mark
Here for you if you need to talk


Yes. I woulf like to talk.


Thing about support is you need to be here to receive it. People who stick around the forum seem to have a much better go of things.


When I got sober 1262 days ago…I lived here. When I worked, I would log on quickly during breaks. I developed friends here.

After 90 days…I went to AA as well…


I just got 14 days and the first week as HARD! The first weekend was especially tough. It was the first weekend I went without alcohol in decades. I stayed in this forum a lot and kept busy around my house, especially during times I’d normally grab a drink (or 5). Hold on, reach out, occupy your time. I’m no expert, this is my first attempt at sobriety but I’m happy to share my day to day progress, good and bad.


2 days sober YAY!
This community is THE BEST
Much Luv


Hey there…glad you’re back with us. I know that you’ve been here on and off for a bit now. For me the idea is that, if it’s not working…something has to change. So what’s been your sobriety plan so far? What tools are in your toolbox? What are you willing to try that’s different this time?

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