Day one encouragement

Hello :blush:
This is my first day sober in months. I want to stay sober for good, but it has been so hard.
Part of me is very motivated. I tell myself I don’t need it and it is making things worse. Then the next thing I know, I feel like I don’t care anymore, and I drink.

I have quit drinking before, only to relapse when I thought I could have “just one”.

I just left a 14 year abusive relationship, and in the midst of starting over completely, I was diagnosed with Lupus. That sent me on a bender.

I just reset my sobriety timer. Day one. I have to start somewhere.

I would love some words of encouragement from others who can relate! I’ll gladly take tips on pushing through the cravings. The first few days are the hardest, and I hope to succeed!
Thank you, and take care :heartpulse:


Drinks lots of water, and have some sugar during the first few days. I would hit up AA meetings if you’re not opposed, listen to sobriety podcasts, read sobriety literature, spend time here. I really believe as long as you’re actively working on your sobriety everyday your chances for success will greatly improve. Reach out to anybody here, we’re all here to help eachother. You can do this, and welcome to the group!


The best advice I received was to take it day by day. I would tell myself, if I can hold of with a drink till tomorrow, then tomorrow I’ll have one. By the time “tomorrow” arrived, my mind would be clearer and stronger and the craving gone or lessened. Over the holidays, I went 30 minutes by 30 minutes, and it worked. My toughest moments went moment to moment, if I could hold off for just a bit longer. It worked, and spending everyday, sometimes all day on this app. You are so worth it!!!


Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m glad you found us :blush: This forum quickly became paramount to my recovery. Stay busy, implement new healthy habits to replace the one(s), and reach out when you’re struggling.

Congrats on day one :tada:


I am grateful for day one and holding myself accountable. Whether its your first, or last , day ones are the raw beginning of fighting our inner battle, cravings and poor coping. A reflection of wanting peace and a sober life. This is the first day of getting real with ourselves. God bless day one :heart::muscle::pray:


Welcome Jenna :purple_heart: Enlist your Dr.'s help. Mine was supportive and gave me excellent advice for B12 vitamin supplements and melatonin for sleep. With your lupus I think it’s very wise to have a candid discussion with your care provider(s).