Day one off opiates

It’s day one for me off of opiates and I’m tired, achy, cold, sweaty, just all around sick. I’ve been high so long to avoid this feeling but now I know I need to get clean and clear headed again. I’m just hoping I can get passed this feeling without wanting to use.


You will want to use, but don’t do it. Push through it and you never have to feel that shit ever again. You can do it.

All the pain you are about to go through is temporary. It’s all worth it to get you life back. Hang in there man.

Go to detox if you need to. Just get through it.

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I never thought I could get past day 3, but I’m on day 23. I’m proud of you, and I can say it’s so worth it. I’ve been tired, but other than that I’ve felt pretty good for the past couple weeks. Just push through those first few days, and you’ll never have to do it again. If you need to talk feel free to message me!

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Well done on making the decision! You’ve got this!

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Rooting for you dude, I’m on day six. It gets easier every day…I was taking three showers a day in the beginning. Give it a shot, it helps. All the best.

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I’m on day 21 off heroin and I can say it does get better some days are better than others but it’s worth it!!


I know it’s hard but you will get through it. It is so very worth it.

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Thank you all so much! I forced myself to sleep and woke up feeling a little better. I know the worst is yet to come but I’m optimistic and ready for the change. I woke up to a few texts of “I got them” but Ive deleted their texts & numbers. Getting through day 2 today.

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I am praying for you and your recovery. I rebuke the lies of the enemy in Jesus name that you can believe in yourself again and know that you’re worthy of a happy life sober. I pray that you can see that you do not need a substance to live life. There will be trials and hardships along recovery. You will begin to feel those feelings again that you originally got High over. I am at day 131 and I still deal with temptation and the enemy wanting to take a hold of me. My prayer for you is that you can take your worries to the Lord for his yoke and easy and his bourdon is light. Praying for you!


I hope you’re doing okay. I know how hard those first days are.

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I’m really not okay. I relapsed tonight and feel like complete shit.

Maybe you should try an aid like suboxone ,methadone,katom but use little as possible to get thru those rough 2 weeks after that you will start to feel the grip of the hand that fed you let go. Maybe that will help you get thru … you will still feel withdrawl but not as intense at first. You dont wanna be hooked on any aid either… goodluck… 28 days off heroin for me … you can do it !

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Vivitrol saved my life

I am 75 days off opiates and I promise you it is soooooo worth it when you finally get through that hell… Withdrawals get really hard day 3-5 so if you have to go to a hospital to detox but know you can do it a week of hell in withdrawles is worth getting your entire life back!!

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You will want to use but that’s okay just don’t give in to it. It’s not worth it.:slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t beat yourself up. What finally kinda worked for me was that I got really fucking pissed at the drug. I know anger isn’t usually healthy, but I embraced it and used it to keep pushing. I didn’t want to keep going through it. I had a couple days off of work and called out of an extra day because I couldn’t do anything. I felt the best soaking in a hot bath. I screamed until I was so tired that I could sleep.
Also, even if you don’t want to, drink lots of water and stuff like Gatorade. Try to get some fruits and vegetables that don’t take much effort to prepare/eat. Eat a bunch of almonds for protein, and take a vitamin. Your body is sick and tired, and it needs help rebuilding. Be gentle to yourself. This is hard, emotionally and physically, but you can do it.

Vivitrol is a very good option… if you can stay clean cold turkey for atleast 7 days. And whenever u stop taking the shot there are no known wd symptoms like suboxone or methadone… its helpped a friend of mine. hes going on 6mo clean… might be something to consider…

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Hang in there. I used narcotics heavily for 16 years. It takes about 5-7 days before you’ll start to feel “normal” and sleep soundly. You can do this! It worth getting through the withdrawals. I’m 9 years clean from narcotics. I never want to back to that life again. You don’t have to either.