Dealing with Attitude

Hey there everyone, lately i have been having a really bat attitude, not patience at all, the wanting for punch someone in the mouth it gets really bad sometimes.
Any tricks or advice and on how do you guys do to to keep yourself calm and how to get over these bad times.
A guess part of it its coz of the abstinence and the urges for alcohol, sometimes the walk outside and tye workouts wont work, i get tired anbanoyed
Thnak you so much in advance.


Having agression issues is quite common. You can search for keywords. First hand some things that help(ed) me: Meditation, physical activity, focussing on things that must be done, decluttering, punching a sandbag (in my case pillows), being kind to myself, loudly talking to myself to let it out and calm myself, petting my cats, watching funny videos, writing writing writing pen to paper, calling my therapists and friends (to get one on the nose as I was too unbearable grumpy, very helpful! perspective change!), go to bed and sleep (doctor prescribed sleeping meds, rested I’m ok).
You are not alone! :people_hugging:


I am very familiar with that feeling. BasicLly, its like living Limp Bizkit’s hit song, Break Stuff 24/7.

It’s caused by your brain’s chemistry being out of whack, basically, it’s withdrawals.

I felt that quitting nicotine, wellburtin and alcohol. My advice is to lay low! It doesn’t last forever, maybe 2 weeks and the mosy intense is that first week. Try to keep to yourself and stay out of high stress situations! My first week was literally spent on the couch and it worked for me!

Good luck!