Dealing with struggle

It’s been a long road having been addicted to anything I could get my hands on.
I’ve had many opportunities in my past to stop drinking or using. But the part I struggled with was I became abstinent of substance due to rehabs jail and prison.
It’s been a vicious cycle of addiction sense I was just a child. Drinking and other. I’ve found that it wasn’t hard to maintain sobriety in a facility.
I’ve been the victim of alcohol related deaths from DUI my oldest brother in 1996 killing his shelf in a rollover I watched it all go down. Never stopped me from drinking.
My daughter was 3 years in 2021 my other daughter 8. I have also a son 24.
Kaylee was 3 killed September 2021 DUI rollover Mandy 8 year old at the time ejected. I was going through a split up with the mother. My cousin was driving. Mandy put in foster care. I was working but homeless in ravia Oklahoma. Still a hopeless drunk.
2 months later my mother passed away from COVID. At this point I wanted to die. I felt the pain behind alcohol. That’s when I knew I had to step up for my daughter Mandy. I meet a woman that help me change my life forever. I had been in church my whole life. And that’s where I made my life changing decision. I’m 44 years old and I’m grateful for my life today. I’ve spoken out online and in victim impact panel. I’m on a few sober groups and I love to reach out to people struggling. My sobriety date is December 12 2021.


Welcome Johnny. That is a lot for any person to bear. You are strong for having made the changes needed and doing what you can to help others. I am really sorry for all you have had to endure along the way to this moment. Thank you for sharing you story here. I hope you find the community welcoming and supportive. And congratulations on your sobriety since Dec 2021. :sparkles:


Wow :heart: and you’re still pushing forward. That is very motivational and Thank you for sharing

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You have over a year of sobriety and that is something to bulld on!


Welcome to the community :raising_hand_woman:

I’m sorry to read all this you have been through.
It’s a great community here with lots of support is nice to meet you :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to TS! You are so courageous and have been through a lot. Glad you are here.

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Hi :wave:
How are you doing ?