Decided to stop the booze!

Hi, i have just joined this group and i am 7 days AF. This time last week i was hospitalised with pancreatists. I spent 4 days on drips and morphine. I am a 46yr old man who liked a drink after work and at weekends. I was a raver back in the days and took all sorts of drugs and drank everything. Stopped drugs 17 year ago and met/married my beautiful wife. Got 3 gorgeous kids. I continued to drink but always thought i was ok because i was working etc. Little did i know i was slowly kiliing my insides. Cue, hospital… so ive decided to stop drinking on the 13/11/23. Feel 100 times better already. Long may it continue. Luckily i have good support from wife and family. We can do this guys…


You sure can do this, I can feel the good motives moving you towards a clean life in your words. Keep the eyes on the prize and whenever you feel a craving just spend time with your angels :heart:


Congrats on 7 days! You are making the best decision for yourself, your family, and your body. Your life will begin to change in so many ways as you live in the present with a sober mind. For me, I feel like I am able to appreciate all of the little moments with my kiddos more than I ever could as a drinker. Just keep reminding yourself that alcoholism is a disease, and that anytime you think of picking up a drink that you would be consenting to diseasing yourself. That has helped me a lot in my journey. Now over 2 years AF. Keep up the good work!


Welcome aboard. Read around and see what resonates. TS has been instrumental in my journey so far, hope you find it helpful as well!


Congrats! Happy for you!! I highly suggest that you come here daily. Several times a day. Especially when you feel a craving. There are many of us here that can offer support! You have lots to look forward to without booze. You can be a proud dad around your wife and kids! I’m sure they’ve noticed that you quit! Best of luck, one day at a time!

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It is terrific you chose to stop. Congratulations!

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Same happened to me, worst experience ever. I’m really routing for you. I got about 4 months sober and relapsed because I “felt better”. What a mistake. Now that I have a few years sober, I still have a few complications with my pancreas. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

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