Definition of sobriety

Just interested in what people’s views are on the definition of sobriety or being sober. I always thought sobriety was to be free from mind altering/intoxicating chemicals


Yes definitely, I think recovery is different from sobriety… I think recovery is a life long journey, sobriety is being ‘sober’. You can be sober from many things but be unhappy because you haven’t worked on all things that made you drink and use i.e YOU :blush:that’s what I was taught anyway :smile:


For me sobriety has been living life in full color with no filters. I love it.

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For me its about psycilogical change . To let go of my shame, true to my everyday feelings.happy mind- happy life

Good topic!

For me I thought Sobriety was about learning how to stop drinking and drugging everyday forever. That in itself is a daunting task and can seem impossible for a newcomer. But through the program I have become aware that isn’t the real understanding, it’s about learning to live a life without them. The drinking and drugging will never leave my mind, so if I can live a happy, full, exciting, and spiritually fit life, without them and fill the void inside me in other ways, it no longer becomes a daunting task. It becomes a purpose, it becomes a goal, it becomes my design for my new life.

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