Deja vus and flashbacks

Hello all and happy sober Saturday!
I’m 5 days shy of being 3 months sober and the past couple of weeks I’ve been having some vivid flashbacks of things that happened when drunk. I did not remember these details before and I find them quite upsetting.
Is this a normal part of my mind’s reorganising process or is it something more concerning? Does anyone else have them?



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Congratulations on your work done :fist:t3:

I have not had anything I’d describe as flashbacks. Some guys in my home group did tell me I would remember some things that if forgotten – things related to drinking – but I haven’t had that yet, and it’s been a while.

I’ve had drinking dreams. They bother me for a sec when I wake, but I think at least one good purpose they serve is that they are reminders of the hell of using. The relief at it being only a dream is a blessing, not a curse.

Every time I think about drinking I flash back to some stupid thing I did drunk. I have so many just from last year to choose from. I get jealous when I hear people talking about drinking but then I think about the scary blackouts and crazy spending and losing my boyfriend. It’s just not worth it.

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It once took me 9 hours of wandering around Syracuse to find my car. It’s not a big city.

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I have them all the time, and they are horrible.
I did things that would take a persons breath away… (a sober persons) and now that I am sober and these flashbacks enter my mind i choke up hard. I get really sad and afraid… because I am an addict. Whats to say something wont happen again…