Depressed or alcoholic

Can alcoholism just really be we are suffering from depression?

I think that the two go hand in hay. But I think if you are an addict you should treat that as well as get medical attention for depression. But I have found that as I work on me my issues with depression are almost none existent. For the definition of an addict that is a debate I don’t want in on. But do you think you can get treated for depression and you won’t crave the booze? For me I know I want the escape from all my pain. I will drown every emotion I have to escape hurting. So I had to just face/accept my problems and that is what has kept me sober for 208 or 209 days (I really am not sure of which). I hate what alcohol does for/to me be but I know that when I take that drink and feel the burn that there will be no feeling for however long. But I’m not wanting to fall down the rabbit hole again. I work a program and I feel great! I do work every day to maintain my recovery. So are you sure you can truly dance with the devil and not get burned? I think you are still in early stages of sobriety and you are looking for an easier softer way but this is just me going off of my experience and some other threads I’ve read from you. Best wishes


I’d say no, but I’d be speaking for myself.

As an alcoholic I drink when I’m happy and celebrating something. I drink when I’m bored. I drink when I’m sad or some major event happened and I need a crutch to cope. I drink when________ fill in the blank, you get the picture.

Not to say that some people aren’t actually depressed or have a hx of major depression. You can definitely be both. If you have some concerns, I’d advise you to speak to your doctor.

Also keep in mind that alcohol is a depressant! Basically the worst thing you can put in your body if you are diagnosed with depression.


I think it is often that we are self medicating a mental illness of some sort but in my case it is not depression. I’m sure for many it is depression.


Not necessarily a mental illness in all situations, but definitely a dramatic event. Typically several events that build up over time, that closure in your mind has never occurred.

Additionally, we create this persona in ourself to justify are actions. We create a reason why we drink…


Note that when I use the term mental illness I am using an umbrella term…probably “poor mental health” was more appropriate. I’m thinking about ADHD or autism spectrum, anxiety disorders, etc. What you are describing could likely fall under PTSD. I just feel like “often” or “many of us” are using alcohol as our self medication whether it be to escape or to create a fake image or whatever.

I’m certainly not trying to say that we are all “crazy”. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I feel it can be the case you self medicate

I think that it is a likely possibility. It was my depression that first lead me down the road of being an alcoholic, and now that my treatment has made me slightly better I’ve realised I have a drinking problem hence joining this app, only got two days sober so far but fingers crossed

They can be closely linked. They are for me.

I was treated for major depression using CBT therapy and it automatically helped me get my long time binge drinking under control. I was down to “binges” of 4 drinks once a week or 2 drinks twice a week without really planning to make a change. I just didn’t want to drink that much any more.

Then I had a relapse of depression for 2 months and the drinking ticked back up. So I decided to quit totally. Removing alcohol from my coping mechanisms has helped me improve my mental toughness. I don’t want alcohol to take over every time I have a setback. I want to take over.

So yes, for me they are linked but require separate work.


I battled with depression on and off. I tend to self medicate with alcohol when I am depressed or sad or angry. I feel better initially, but if I drink too much I become an angry drunk. Plus I feel more depressed the next day. Alcohol ends up amplifying my depression and anxiety which makes it harder to cope. I had 2 months sober this spring and I was surprised how much easier it was to deal with deprrssion! It was hard but being drunk and depressed is much harder.


People who have depression can be more likely to use alcohol as an escape. Being an alcoholic is not the same as being depressed. Alcohol puts dealing with depression on hold, infact it puts dealing with life in general on hold keeping you in an adolescent mindset and when you take that alcohol away you realize theres alot you need to sort out and deal with one of those being depression.

Taking yourself out of active addiction gives you the chance to deal with things the right way.It gives you the freedom to grow.:blush: