Depression & Boredom

Day 7 round 2 for me. Feeling a bout of depression coming on. Add to that the new boredom with out a buzz to fill my time and Im just feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place. Bored but too depressed to do anything I enjoy. Trying my best to ride it out. Terribly lonely too.


Stick around on here. There’s a couple of lively threads. Get involved and the time will fly by to bedtime
And tomorrow is another day.:wink:


I know this feeling, i hope you feel better soon. My advice, try to do some sports, espacially endurance sports like running or swimming really helps against depression.

Stay strong and best of luck​:+1::muscle:

If you are bored get a second job.

Been struggling the past month with the cycle of bored and depressed so I drink. Then depressed about my drinking. Binged yesterday, finished 1/5 and a half by 3pm… thought I was ok until I woke up at 10pm after totally passing/blacking out. Thank God we have an electric oven, since I had a pan of ziti in it. Talked to my wife at 5ish as she was on her way home, never saw or heard her. Needless to say the blackout was a huge wake up for me, since that hasn’t happened in years. So onto day 2 and hopefully many more.

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Do you like podcasts? I have pretty bad depression and listening to familiar voices, even if alone in the dark, is comforting.

Stuff You Should Know is great. You learn a lot and their library is enormous. Little half hour shows.

Anyway, boredom comes from depression and depression comes from boredom. I’ve been there. Be kind to yourself. Do what you need to do.

I went out for a walk in nature a lot in the beginning of my sobriaty. Sometimes with some music on my ears and sometimes I just listened to the birds and the wind. It helped!
How are you doing today?