Detoxing right

Hey. I’m currently detoxing. For the first time in week, I cut down my drinking to just enough to stop withdrawals but not enough to get drunk. I find this is the worst time because that’s when my fever gets terrible and I can’t sleep. When I finally do almost false asleep, I feel it and I quickly snap myself out of it because of the impending doom of the fever nightmares. I feel weak and my body is feeling the dramatic change in what, for me, was a signicant lowering of alcohol. I’ve done this before. I just wanted some advice on how other people cope with tapering off. I think I’m just looking for support because I feel too anxious to go to a meeting at this point.

Meetings are full of people who have been in the exact same spot as you.

Whatever you do do, dive in headfirst. Your life is at stake.

Many blessings and keep trudging.


Congratulations on your decision to get sober. My only concern is if you feel it’s too much I’d advise you seek medical attention. Again, I applaud your efforts.


I’ve done it too many times. I’m starting to feel like my doctor won’t trust me anymore. Every time I get sober I feel like he just thinks I’m a junky looking for meds.

Is detox an option? I just want you to be safe.