Did i really do that

I would like to start a topic about All the funny things you did because you were high or drunk. I am not trying to glamourise it in any way in fact remind us of how silly we are when under the influence, laughter is a great tonic especially when you can laugh at yourself, so let us laugh at you too. I could probably fill this topic single handedly and will add some of my own experience, unfortunately most of mine involved human excrement so we’ll see what path this goes down first. It must be light hearted, we’ve all done some bad shit which is best left where it is, in the past. Can’t wait for some shocks, laughs and some OMG moments

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So it seems after 10 hours no one can remember anything funny they did while drunk. I think there’s a moral in there somewhere.

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I can think of a lot of stupid shit that I did. I just don’t think it’s funny. Its actually kind of sad to me. Somethings I’d rather leave in the past I guess.


TBH I expected that to be the reaction, no offence intended, I guess I’ve got a twisted sense of humour.

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No worries. I’m not offended at all.

I’ve got plenty that are probably still hilarious but I try to limit my war-story telling as part of my step work. It still comes out from time to time though


go on just give us one, get the ball rolling.

Part of it might be that telling the stories leads to glorifying the drinking, or downplaying the harm done to yourself and others. That is part of why alcohol and overindulgence are seen as ok - we’re just having a good time after all.

Most DOC can’t be like this, but alcohol abuse can be masked by the party attitude.


I think it’s a survival thing I’ve developed over the years to laugh when my back is up against the wall. I’m not laughing now that my liver is aching.

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I agree with you there. It’s a fine line between taking the addiction seriously and not taking yourself too seriously, or laughing to cope and laughing to excuse yourself.

Everyone’s journey home is definitely different since we all arrived at our addiction on different roads.


Dumb things I did while drunk:


I started drinking at 15, and stopped at 56, that’s a lot of stupid drunk things. I crashed and totalled quite a few cars, several not my own. I hurt many people, including myself, my daughter, my family, my husband. I drove drunk for years…taking my best friend on death rides on the turnpike (her words) where I would be drinking a beer, smoking a cigarette, blowing lines and driving a shift…would puke in my mouth and hold it in til I could safely pull over, spit it out and keep going. We did this weekly heading back and forth to Maine to party. Haha, real funny. I shit myself a few times. Did a few hit and runs on other people’s cars in bar parking lots. Stole and sold a lot of stuff, money and drugs from anyone and everyone. Lied to everyone. Got kicked out of countless bars and restaurants. Left my daughter with sketchy people I barely knew more times than I can bear to think about so I could go out and party. Haha, so fun! Got trashed and passed out everywhere anywhere numerous times and was sexually assaulted while drunk/ passed out a few times over the years. Screamed at and verbally assaulted my husband 100s of times. Oh yeah, spit on him a few times for good measure as well.

There is more, lots more. I don’t think any of my drunken antics are funny anymore. The old stories I used to tell of blah blah blah when I was drunk…not so funny now, just sad and pathetic.

I don’t regret my life, I did the best I knew how with the resources at hand, but I do regret being drunk or drugged for so long.

Not to be contrary, but I can’t condone looking at my drunkenness as funny stories anymore. YMMV


I pissed in the dryer. I chased down a duck at a golf course, caught it, golfed 4 holes holding the duck, brought it back with me and put it in my friend’s indoor pool.

The thing is, while I’d never piss in a dryer sober, I would wrestle a duck sober.

That’s pretty much it for me.


I ripped the refrigerator door off, smashed in the glass range, broke the dining room table and chairs, punched holes in the wall.

Woke up bloodied, alone.

Great times!!!:man_facepalming:

Now kick him in the balls.


Omg :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: I’m sorry but this is hilarious!!

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I agree, they say that the world is comic to thinkers yet tragic to feelers. To associate laughter to things that would make some cry is definitely a coping mechanism. Not to belittle or minimize but sometimes if you don’t laugh you’ll definitely cry. That’s my opinion


I once ordered a turkey from room service.


I was at a party and tried to fight everyone. Apparently I then decided everyone sucked and started running home. Ran about a mile before anyone found me. When they found me they said I acted like I had not seen them in forever. When they told me to come back to the party I had to ask whos party because I had no idea 30 mins ago I had been at one. I politely got in the car and passed out then had to be carried into my house and tossed on the floor. This was probably the nicest way my blackout stories have ever ended.


Mine usually started like that, except mine usually ended fighting some stranger in the street.


I kicked someone ass because he stole my vodka bitch learnd not to mass with me :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: