Didn't Know I would be face with So much Stressors!

Happy Friday Everyone. I really Never knew how much the Enemy would start attacking Me, When I made this Commitment to Not Drink. I mean stressful situation after situation but I still have not taken Not 1 drink. I finally Cried Tuesday and a little Yesterday. (Was told it’s a Good Release) Today I feel Good n Optimistic, despite what has Happened. This Weekend will be Yet another Sober n Energy Filled weekend for me. Wbu??


I know what you mean. But I’m learning to realise that alcohol doesn’t actually aleviate any of those stressful situations…it only puts it off to a later time. It’s better to deal with it at the time and get it over with.

You can do it.

PS - crying is GOOD for you. Get it out.


I notice that to, since I haven’t been drinking to cope. I able to face it and tomorrow always a New day.

P.s I hate crying lol
Haven’t cried before this week in over 2 months


My stressors come and go. Drinking def only disguises them and I still have to deal with them at a later time. Sucks. I hate being like this. But I’m staying optimistic and trying to be happy everyday.


Hey it’s so many stressers that makes it hard and annoying :roll_eyes:


Yea I’m super stressed right now.

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