Disappearing TS logo

Not something urgent or important, just something rather odd I think. See the screenshots. The TS logo on the web app in my (android) phone start screen decreases in size with time. Deleting the app and reinstalling it restores it to its full size. @Robin


I didn’t even know there was a TS app….I always go through the Sober Time app to access the chat. Is it just Android?


I’m not sure. With google chrome it is extremely simple to make a quick link to my android phone start screen. Can hardly call that an app TBH. Not sure how that works with an Iphone.

Guess that’s more an issue with Chrome…
Have you tried updating it ? Couple of days ago I got a new update of Chrome.

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Its like… the icon is walking away. Weird.

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@Mno maybe you’re holding the phone on a selfie stick and didn’t realise. This would make the logo appear smaller.
Basic physics, my dude.
Problem solved.



Might be a android thing? I’ve had the app for almost 2 years no change or need to redownload it

I’m on iPhone though

Same here. I go through the sober time app. I dont mind as i like seeing the daily quote and adding in the daily journal.

It’s not a Talking Sober app, but a shortcut to Talking Sober through Chrome. It’s not something I have any control over unfortunately @Mno