Disease of addiction


Is everyone here for alcohol or can it be drugs and alcohol or fo I need to go on my other page for meth addiction


There are lots of people here with all types of addictions: drugs, alcohol, gambling, PMO, self harm, etc. Search through the topics. Many people post about meth. Welcome!


Anything, as long as you thinking of that sober journey.


Most of us have problems with drugs too😉 Welcome pal!


This forum is for all forms of the addiction of more. If you suffer from “some is good, more is better” you’re in the right place.


The main substance I abused was not alcohol. Anyone who has an addiction and trying to live a sober life is welcome. Glad you are here!:heart:


I can list more drugs that I abused than ones I didn’t. I’ve done everything from huffing gas to shooting speedballs. If it could be swallowed, smoked, shot, or sniffed I did it.