Divorce finalised today

So had email saying officially divorced today am 88 days sober and feel ok about it and happy im facing this emotion for once and not hiding from it with drink. Just wanted to put this out there and not have it in my head all day im sure better things are to come as long as i keep to this new path.
Have a lovely Xmas and Happy new year to all my sober chums keep strong ADAAT :muscle:


Glad you shared and got it out there. I imagine a lot of feelings around that. Your 88 days is fantastic work. Hope you find some peace in your day today. :sparkles:


I’m sorry, it’s always sad when a marriage ends. I never understood people celebrating it. It’s a new beginning, and I’m so glad you’re sober for it. I got sober during my separation as well, and I’m grateful for that. Hard times are so much better navigated while sober. Congrats on 88 days, you are a miracle! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too :christmas_tree: :sparkler:


New start , my divorce came through in 1988 and it was sad after 15 years married but it was ment to be , stayed sober and met my wife of today Sheila 30 years married next july , wish you well


Yes i find it strange people celebrate it, find it disrespectful as i did once love my now ex wife and wouldnt be where i am now if i didnt live those experiences good or bad.


Congrats, enjoy, be well.

Sucks when a marriage ends, but you’re making it through.

I don’t believe in the celebration factor either but who am I to tell people how to live their lives

The best thing you can do is accept it for what it is and look for the cause of failure so you know what your part in it was so you know not to make the same mistakes again

Congrats on 88 days, now push for the next milestone, trio digits


Great work on your 88 days. I’m really sorry your marriage didn’t work out. I hope you are able to find comfort during this difficult time and that you will eventually find someone who you can share that life long commitment with.


Exactly! It’s a long process and journey to truly know yourself, and if interested in dating again, you now have a better idea of what you look for in a partner. I dabbled in dating and realized that I’m just not that interested in it. Where I live, men are slim pickings and the man confidence is at a level of being flat out delusional.

I’m so sorry that this chapter closed, and it will take a while to rediscover who you are as an individual. You might be surprised. I started to remember all the things I love. I forgot who I was and what I liked. Plus, I can load the dishwasher any way I want to now and put the paper towels in the thingy without him flipping out. I felt so free.

I remembered my love of photography, so, I do some freelance work. Taking the time to relearn who I am has been truly valuable.