Do I count?

Anyone else a short time user ? I only used meth for a short time (a few months). I just feel like I dont count as an addict I guess ? But I used and loved it enough to let it completely destroy my life.

As sober time goes on… I’ve started realizing why I started using in the first place. And what makes me want to again. And I know where to get it if I wanted to. I could go get some right now. I’m at a little over 2 months clean from it.

But basically the point of this was to ask if I still count as an addict ? I feel like I shouldn’t have this much difficulty because I’m not “a real addict”.

If someone else feels this way or can help me please, please let me know.

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are you considering getting some, can you continue to go without, could you just take one more and leave it at that, is it on your mind all the time like a mental obsession. I know in 30 years time that even if I don’t pick up I’m still an addict bc if I do pick up life is going to get pretty fucked up pretty quickly and I don’t know why I use the word pretty bc that’s the last thing it is going to be. usually if you have to ask if something is a problem it’s normally too late.


I dont think anyone thinks they will become addicted to a drug the first time they partake. First choice is of course not to try, second choice stop immediately. On reflection i am certain you will realize you made the right choice to stop, actually its not even debatable


Addiction isn’t a length of time, or a doc it’s a mental disorder.

A behavior pattern that can be destructive in any length of time.


I would say if it’s a problem for you then yes, you’re an addict. There’s no shame in being an addict. You see the problem, name it, and work on the problem.

It’s like fixing your golf swing. Same thing. But it’s cheaper because AA is free, but golf you gotta pay the greens fees.


Thank you I really appreciate that

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I was a binge drinker with a house, a job, no drink driving offences, not disowned from family, not physically dependent etc. I definitely didn’t feel like I wasn’t a ‘real addict’ and almost guilty or silly for being here. However…

My relationship with alcohol was such that I believe I am better off without it, and the more I leaned in here the more I found I had in common with ‘real addicts’. So whatever words I use to define it, I choose to be abstinent from alcohol and other substances, and find the support from the recovery community helpful in achieving that. On top of that I have met some amazing, interesting, fun and inspiring people.

I hope you find what you need to get you where you want to be :pray::sparkling_heart:


Theres no set rules or timeframes of what determines an addict. If YOU feel like your life is unmanageable and that you are powerless over drugs and alcohol, then thats all that matters! You don’t have to be using any drug a long period of time to become addicted to it. Everyone has diff rock bottoms and our addict mind will lie to us. It’ll tell me it’s not that bad, it’ll tell me that I’m not REALLY an addict, that it could be worse, that maybe I don’t fit in… those are all lies that our addict mind will tell us to keep us using. Dont fall for it. If you didn’t think that you had a problem, I highly doubt that you’d be on TS right now :slight_smile: keep coming back my friend. Don’t let those lies keep you from enjoying the life you really deserve


I am just a dude trying to sort out my own stuff and can not judge what you are or aren’t.
With that said you admit using a substance has ruined your life yet your mind is still trying to convince you of reasons to continue using?

I’d advise you speak to someone you can trust or surround yourself with a strong support group. Your mind may not have your life’s best interest at heart.


First off, welcome to the community! We’re all very accepting and supportive of one another here.

Secondly, I try to avoid labels. Alcoholic, addict, etc. What would this label do for you if you did consider yourself to be an addict? What would it do for you if you weren’t considered an addict?

The important thing to take note of, as others have pointed out, is that you admitted to having a love/hate relationship with the drug to the point it ruined parts of your life; I’d imagine that’s something you wish you could have changed.

The good news is that you still can, and you sound like you’re doing a great job at it. Continue on the path of sobriety, and you won’t have to worry about the possible toxic relationship you had with the substance.

Feel free to reach out if you need anything :+1:


Meth is one of the most addictive illicit drugs out there. Continued use over several months will create a physical dependency. The mental dependency may have always been there, you just didn’t know it.

Knowing that it is ruining your life but wanting to use regardless is the hallmark of an addict.

Regardless of if you believe yourself and addict or not, you’re welcome here if you desire to live the sober life.


Thank you very much I really appreciate that. And I’m glad I found this community.

You are an addict. It’s ok. You have company. The key thing is to be brave enough to admit it to yourself.

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I seriously appreciate every single one of you. Thank you all so very much :green_heart:

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