Do I deserve it?

Hey, I don’t know if anyone can relate to this but I hope so. :pray:t2:
I’ve reach 25 days of sobriety from a binge eating disorder but I don’t feel like I deserve this milestone. Let me tell you why.

I’ve been doing therapy for over a year to try to help with my eating disorder. I’ve had a lot of relapses within that year. Now for the past months I felt so bad in general and after I’ve talked to my psychologist and my doctor, I’ve started antidepressants. Those antidepressants have some unpleasant side effects, including digestive discomfort and nausea. So it has made me eat way less since I feel sick most days. I try my best to stick to the plan of my therapy for my eating habits but I know I’m not doing what I should do.

Anyways… Maybe I am overthinking it but since my meds are influencing my eating habits, I dont feel like I “deserve” to be at 25 days sober because without the antidepressants maybe I would have relapsed again at some point.

Hope someone have some advice!


You deserve this. It reminds me of a guy that walked into a meeting for the first time. He said he was 10 years alcohol free…but it didnt count because he was in prison the entire time. We all disagreed with him.

Each day that we dont drink, dont do drugs, binge eat ect…is a great day.

Be happy! Work on what you need to work on, and keep adding those days.


Absolutely! If I could love this response with more than 1 heart I would!!!
@Miss_Be And Beatrice I am soo proud of you and your 25 days! No matter how u got here, u didn’t fall back into ur addiction! That’s what counts :slight_smile: Be proud!!!


@Thirdmonkey @Butterflymoonwoman Thank you. I really appreciate this :heart:


I hear you I don’t understand BED very well other than I probably have had it all my life ending up 120lbs overweight. However I am in the same boat in a couple other categories:

I take meds for my severe depression and anxiety. These make my emotions manageable. Do I feel guilty for having an easier time dealing with my feelings in sobriety? Yes, sometimes… when others share about their feels. But then again no, I would Not want to go back to the hell of being un- or under-medicated. I still have had a hard time in sobriety with relapses and fighting for every day. So my conclusion is I do deserve my 207 days.

Weight-loss wise I had surgery in Dec. Since have lost 40 lbs. However I have a hard time celebrating or posting in the weight-loss thread cause it’s the ‘easy way.’ Now surgery and the diet changes aren’t always ‘easy’ though I gotta say losing weight with a bit of surgical help is a lot easier than recording all your food and dieting for little return on the scale.


You totally deserve it! If the antidepressants are working and helping you thats a good thing help you keep moving toward your goal, the therapy and medication together, and good support network your going to make it through this. Your totally worth it, keep it up.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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